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1990 history of Koguryeo college
1995 1 Approval of educational foundation Asin Institute
3 Establishment of Geumseong Environment College (680 students in Environmental Hygiene department and 8 other departments)
3 Appointment of the first president Kim Gwang-Ah (founder)
4 Appointment of the first dean Shin Chun-Sik, opening of environmental research institute
11 Signed sisterhood with Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University of Russia
1996 1 Approval of 320 more students and 4 departments
2 Approval of conducting business consignment education
1997 2 First graduation
11 Approval of 200 more students and 5 departments
1998 2 Establishment of dormitory
5 Changed the name to Naju College
5 Educational institute for domestic and overseas tourism guide appointed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
8 Opening of social educational institute
11 Approval of 1,022 more students and 15 departments
1999 12 Opening of in-home care center for the aged appointed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare



2000 history of Koguryeo college
2000 12 Academic Exchange Agreement with Quiquihar University of China
2001 9 Academic Exchange Agreement with California university of management&science in USA
8 Mutual Academic Exchange Agreement with South Buylo University in USA
2002 1 Business institute of dispatching home volunteer appointed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
1 Institute of operating welfare center for the aged appointed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
4 Academic Exchange Agreement with Kingston College in Canada
7 Appointed as the excellent college of specialization in natural science by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
12 Appointed as the educational institute for stage art professionals by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
2003 3 Selected as the college of supporting experience learning of small and medium businesses by the Small & Medium Business Administration
2004 2 Selected as the institute of participating local innovative specialization business by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
3 New opening of Department of Dental Hygiene, establishment of industrial-academic cooperative organization
2006 2 Academic Exchange Agreement with Central University of Canada
3 Academic Exchange Agreement with Jillin University(Foreign Exchange Center)of ChinaExchange Agreement with Quiquihar Education College in China
2008 6 Academic Exchange Agreement with Yanbian University, Human and social science department in China
2009 7 Ko Young-Eul has been appointed as the 10th chairman
8 Lim Chae-Kyu has been appointed as the 6th president
11 Signed business MOU with Haenam province
2010 2 Academic Exchange Agreement with Suva College of Foreign Language of Fiji
2 Establishment of the 1st school business Koguryeo Coffee
4 Signed educational cooperation MOU with TAFE NSW-Northern Sydney Institute of Australia
7 Academic Exchange Agreement with Beijing Whampoa University of China
7 Selected for an institute of recruiting field business training process in Canada supervised by Human Resources Development Service of Korea

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